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Dry wipes for soaking with disinfecting/cleaning agent

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Product features:

  • The porous structure of the wipes, with a grammage of 55 g/m2 perfectly absorbs the agent, and guarantees its ideal distribution on the cleaned surface.
  • The thick unwoven cloth does not scratch the surface.
  • Non-dusting and lint-free white wipes
  • Very enduring and resistant to detergents and solvents
  • The wipe size is 16 x 30 cm, with a recommended soaking2 of 1 litre per bucket, allows the effective cleaning of 2m2 of the surface.
  • The optimal number of wipes (100 pcs) allows their effective use for up to 30 days (solution-storage time).


  • Perforated wipes are easy to separate and pull out of the bucket
  • Tightly packed in foil protects the wipes against moisture and contamination
  • The durable and solid reusable bucket is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • The handy bucket makes it easy to carry while working
  • The tight bucket lid protects the soaked wipes from drying out and spilling the solution during moving.

MEDISEPT Dry Wipes are designed for soaking with a ready-to-use product or utility solution of concentrate with water.
Formulated for cleaning and disinfecting various surfaces of non-invasive medical devices. The wipes may be used in healthcare
facilities, surgeries, nursing homes, and other areas, according to the intended use of the soaking agent.

Directions for use: Prepare the soaking liquid according to the recommendations on the product’s label. To soak the wipes in the liquid, follow the
instructions as shown in the pictograms below. Wipe the surface with a damp wipe and leave it to dry for the time recommended
by the soaking-liquid’s manufacturer. Clean the bucket and lid before re-use with the soaking solution. Using the liquid-soaked
wipes does not require protective gloves.

Storage: Keep the wipes in the original packaging in the tightly closed bucket at 5°C-25°C. Protect from moisture and sunlight.
After soaking, store for up to 30 days.

Composition of nonwovens: polypropylene (50%), cellulose (50%)

Wipe grammage: 55 g/m2

Wipe size: 16 x 30 cm

Bucket material: HDPE with high-resistance to chemicals

Packaging units:
bucket with wipes for soaking insert, 100 pcs, EAN 5907626638035
supplementary insert for the bucket, 100 pcs, EAN 5907626638059

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