Professional Products

Quatrodes® Extra

Concentrate for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces

Safety data sheet

Directions for use: Prepare a solution by diluting agent with water. The concentration level depends on a desired spectrum and duration of action. 1 liter bottle contains integrated dispenser. In order to obtain a concentration of 0,5% dilute 5 ml of the concentrate in 995 ml of water. Disinfected surfaces do not require rinsing with water. Do not combine with other detergents or disinfectants. The product is dedicated for professional users

Active ingredients:
amine, quaternary ammonium compounds, enzyme

Packing unit:
1L bottle with doser, 5L canister

Application references: Quatrodes® Extra is a highly efficient product for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of surfaces of medical devices and large washable surfaces, such as units, medical beds, floors or walls. Due to its high material compatibility it is suitable for disinfection of upholstery materials and goods made of ABS plastic, glass, porcelain, metal, rubber, wood, aluminium, stainless steel, nickel or chromium. Recommended for disinfection of surfaces of medical equipment, respiratory equipment and goods made of acrylic glass. Due to the broad germicide spectrum can be applied on the high risk areas such as in hospitals and clinics. Also suitable for cleaning and disinfection of medical devices by immersion. It can also be applied on surfaces having contact with food. It does not contain aldehydes or phenols and therefore does not cause allergic reactions nor discolour surfaces. It has a pleasant floral scent. Tested, approved and recommended by Famed – a leading European producer of top quality hospital equipment. Quatrodes® Extra has a broad lethal spectrum and exceptional cleaning properties thanks to the innovative formula based on the synergy of surfactants and nanomicelle technology.

Effectiveness EN 14885 15 min. 30 min.
Bacteria (including MRSA) EN 13727 0,25%*, 0,5%
EN 14561 1% 0,5%
Fungi (C. albicans) EN 13624 0,25%*, 0,5%
EN 14562 1% 0,5%
Mycobacteria (M.terrae, M. avium) EN 14348 0,5%*, 1% 0,5%
EN 14563 1%*, 2% 0,5%
Enveloped viruses (Vaccinia and BVDV and other like: HBV, HIV, HCV, SARS, Herpes,
Influenza type A, Ebola)
EN 14476 0,5%
Adeno virus EN 14476 0,5%* 0,5%
Polio virus EN 14476 1% 0,5%*

*clean conditions