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Velox Spray Neutral

Spray for surface disinfection and cleaning

Velox Spray - surface disinfection


Spray for quick disinfection of small surfaces in the medical area. Suitable for disinfecting small, hard-to-reach surfaces, as well as non-invasive medical equipment such as treatment chairs, medical equipment, rehabilitation equipment – as a medical device.

Spray for quick disinfection of small surfaces in medical areas, nursing homes, sanatoriums, fitness and SPA salons, hairdressing and beauty salons, massage parlors, kindergartens, schools and for disinfection of surfaces not in contact with food. Suitable for disinfecting surfaces such as countertops, tables, doorknobs, handles and hairdressing and cosmetic equipment and accessories – as a biocidal product.

The product has bactericidal, yeasticidal and anti-tuberculosis activity, limited virucidal activity (against Rotavirus, Norovirus) and anti-wrapped viruses (including Vaccinia, BVDV, coronaviruses, HIV, HBV, HCV).

Directions for use:
Spray the surface from the distance of about 30 cm, ensuring it is fully covered. Leave it for 30 seconds. In case of disinfecting surfaces having contact with food, rinse them with drinking water. Other surfaces do not require rinsing with water. Do not use on surfaces sensitive to alcohol (e.g. acrylic glass). After use, close the packaging tightly.

Active ingredients: 63,7 g ethanol, 6,3 g propan-2-ol.

Packaging: 1 L spray bottle, 5 L canister


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Spectrum (Effectiveness) Standard according EN 14885 Conditions
Clean Dirty
Bacteria EN 13697 30 sec 60 sec
EN 17387 5 min
EN 13727 30 sec 30 sec
EN 16615 30 sec 30 sec
Fungi (C.albicans) EN 13624 15 sec 15 sec
EN 17387 5 min
EN 13697 30 sec
EN 16615 30 sec 30 sec
Mycobacteria (M.terrae) EN 14348 30 sec 30 sec
Mycobacteria (M.avium, M.terrae) EN 14348 30 sec 60 sec
Enveloped viruses  EN 14476 30 sec 60 sec
BVDV virus EN 14476 30 sec 30 sec
Rotavirus EN 14476 30 sec 60 sec
Norovirus EN 14476 30 sec 30 sec
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