MEDISEPT products are present in over 40 countries around the world.
More than 60 MEDISEPT products are registered abroad.


As an international company, we are guided by the mission of providing people with effective protection against pathogenic microorganisms, regardless of where they live. Our products meet the highest quality standards, which is why they are successfully placed on foreign markets. Outside Europe, MEDISEPT products can be found in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

Our work based on the EN ISO 13485 standard, so we are synonymous with high quality. The trust of our customers motivates us to further research and development activities. Thanks to continuous improvement, MEDISEPT products successfully compete with other products.

We offer complete solutions in maintaining hygiene and disinfection in medical standard. We conduct trainings and we are happy to share substantive knowledge and information materials in various languages.



All MEDISEPT products are manufactured in accordance with medical standards. Our flagship product are disinfectants for surfaces, tools and hands.  They are made for the medical and dental industry, but they will work well in beauty salons, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and wherever there is a risk of infection. We have ready-to-use products and concentrates that allow you to choose the right spectrum and duration of the preparation. Wet wipes are also a convenient alternative.

Our portfolio also includes cleaning agents such as liquids for cleaning and care of floors, agents for cleaning washable surfaces, toilets and kitchens.

The offer is complemented by dispensers and cleaning equipment compatible with MEDISEPT products. Contact us to receive a detailed offer from our consultants.


We are present at the largest trade fairs and exhibitions in Europe. You can meet us e.g. at the MEDICA fair in Düsseldorf, IDS in Cologne, as well as smaller events. Such an example is the Conference of the Society of Epidemiology and Hospital Hygiene (SNEH) in Brno, where, as part of cooperation with the Czech partner, Waldemar Ferschke – epidemiologist and vice-president of MEDISEPT, gave a lecture on issues related to the epidemiological situation in Polish hospitals.

SNEH 2022


IDS 2021


Our qualified team of specialists, speaking several languages, will be happy to present you an offer and help you develop sales on foreign markets. Build a competitive advantage with the best Polish manufacturer of cleaning and disinfection agents!

We offer our Partners a comprehensive hygiene system prepared on the basis of products and experience in working with clients. It consists of MEDISEPT products, ready-made procedures as well as knowledge and training.

The market is constantly changing, which is why all MEDISEPT products are subject to continuous quality control. We take care of research updates and verify their effectiveness in various conditions.

Based on our experience, we have prepared ready-made procedures that we can adapt to the needs of our clients.

This is complemented by training and knowledge that we gladly share with our Partners. We believe that by raising awareness about products and hygiene maintenance techniques, we are able to fulfill our mission – to protect people and their surroundings against pathogenic microorganisms

Together we can achieve more!

Are you interested in trading on foreign markets?

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