About Us

We are a leading European manufacturer of disinfectants and professional cleaning agents.

COMPANY AND FACTORY MEDISEPT is a Polish manufacturer of comprehensive solutions in the field of hygiene and disinfection in the medical standard. We have been operating on the market since 1994, providing solutions primarily for the professional sector, including healthcare, industry and cleaning companies. Our portfolio includes disinfectants, professional cleaning agents and cleaning equipment. In 2017, we expanded our offer with disinfecting products for retail consumers.

All our products are a response to the requirements of the medical market and meet the highest global quality standards. We manufacture cleaning agents and biocidal products in the same quality standards as disinfectant medical devices, which guarantees high efficiency, and at the same time is an extremely attractive price alternative while maintaining unmatched quality. MEDISEPT products enable an effective fight against pathogenic microorganisms as well as daily and thorough cleaning.

We protect people effectively by providing modern and comprehensive solutions for hygiene and disinfection.

MEDISEPT supplies products to many European countries, such as Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Greece, Spain, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Germany, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary, Italy.Outside the European market, our products reach such exotic countries as Azerbaijan, Pakistan or the United Arab Emirates.

Our Partners can count on support in the form of marketing materials, product training and professional consulting.


When creating the portfolio of our products, we made sure that they constitute a complementary offer developed in accordance with the system of standards and certificates regulating standards on the professional market. Each product is tested according to the latest harmonized standards confirming the microbiological effectiveness on the declared microorganisms. Medisept has implemented a


Our story

The mission of MEDISEPT is to effectively protect people by providing modern and comprehensive solutions in the field of maintaining hygiene and disinfection.

The following values help us achieve the above goal:


For us, commitment means enthusiasm in the actions taken, the desire to exceed the goals we set for ourselves and identification with the organization and its goals. Cooperation means focusing on achieving goals together, openness, mutual support, knowledge sharing and the use of synergy in the team. We feel responsible for the results and decisions made. Professionalism, on the other hand, means continuous improvement, focus on maximum efficiency, professionalism, and high professional standards. By consistency in action, we mean sticking to the chosen strategic direction, and respect for us means respecting our own borders and the borders of others.

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