About Us

We are a Polish manufacturer of comprehensive solutions in the field of hygiene and disinfection.


Medisept Sp. z o.o. has been delivering complex solutions for professional hygiene maintenance to healthcare institutions for over 23 years. We are a leading European manufacturer of disinfectants, professional cleaning agents and a distributor of cleaning equipment for institutional customers.

Our products are used in and by hospitals, private clinics, dental and medical surgeries, public institutions and are available in medical shops and via network of distributors.

Medisept products are available in many European countries like: Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia or Romania, as well as outside Europe, for example in Azerbaijan, Georgia, United Arab Emirates or Pakistan.

Our unique disinfectant products match the expectations of users. An important element of product development is selecting effective composition of active and auxiliary substances to ensure that the product removes dirt and pathogens at the lowest concentration, without any negative impact on people and the environment. To comply with the strictest European standards we have developed products with microbiological effectiveness proven in practice.

The company has implemented the ISO EN 13485 system which considers specific requirements for medical devices according to MDD 93/42 EEC as well as European requirements for biocides.

All our disinfectants have been tested for material compatibility and cleaning efficacy by our R&D department and also by independent accredited laboratories. The efficacy tests have been conducted on the basis of the latest European Norm 14885 and German guidelines of DVV/RKI.

Medisept Sp. z o.o. company has a big experience with private label products from many European markets. Thanks to this experience and high production capacity we are open and willing to create the products under private label.

Outside the European market, our products reach such exotic countries as Pakistan or Morocco. We support our partners by providing them marketing materials, product training and professional advice. Negotiations are currently ongoing with distributors from another countries from Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. Soon we will be present in all the most important markets.

We promote our products at the largest trade fairs in the world. We are present not only in Dusseldorf at the medical fair Medica but also at Arab Health in Dubai.

Our story

Vision and mission

We effectively protect people by providing modern and comprehensive solutions in the field of hygiene and disinfection – this is our mission, that we are implementing in our everyday work. To help us to achieve this goal, a couple of values have been chosen: commitment, cooperation and knowledge sharing, responsibility, professionalism, consistency in action and respect.

What exactly do our values mean? Commitment is enthusiasm in undertaken activities, willingness to exceed our goals and identification with the organization and its goals. Cooperation means focusing on achieving our objectives together. Openness, mutual support, sharing knowledge and using synergy in a team. We feel responsible for the results and the decisions made. Professionalism is continuous improvement, focusing on maximum efficiency, expertise and high standards. By consistency in action, we mean sticking to the chosen strategic direction, while respect for us is not only related our own borders but also other people’s boundaries.

We never rest on our laurels. We have a vision in which direction we want to develop and what we want to achieve together. In 2022, we will be among the leading European producers of disinfectants and cleaning agents.

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