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Mediclean 580 Lime

Product for descaling dishwashers and other devices

Applications: Product for cleaning catering dishwashers and other devices (boilers, bain-maries, kettles). Efficiently removes limescale, rust, limestone sediment, cement deposit, and other mineral deposits, produced during the use of a device. Does not damage stainless steel, tiled or glass surfaces. Do not use on enamelled, aluminium surfaces and surfaces from non-ferrous metals and plastic. Unscented, low foam.

Directions for use: Dishwashers: Turn off the detergent dosing device. Fill the dishwasher with water. Depending on the thickness of the deposits, pour approx. 100 ml of the concentrate per 1 I of water. Turn on the device for 10-15 minutes. After the process is finished, remove the working solution and rinse the entire device with water or fill the dishwasher with clean water and start the rinsing programme without detergent dosing. Immerse dismantled and heavily soiled elements     of the dishwasher in a 10% working solution and then carefully rinse them with water or start the rinsing programme. Stubborn deposits, rust: Apply a small amount of the concentrate onto ceramic surfaces and floors resistant to acids, spread the product with a brush or sponge, wait a few minutes and rinse with water once all dirt is removed.

Composition: Contains phosphoric acid (CAS: 7664-38-2).

Packaging: 1 l Bottle, 5 l Canister

pH  0,5

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