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Mediclean 540 Dishes

Concentrate for washing dishes in gastronomic dishwashers

Applications: Alkaline concentrate for washing tableware and glassware, cutlery and kitchen equipment in industrial dishwashers and gastronomic dishwashers. Product removes protein, sugar, starch residues and dried hard-to-wash food residues. In order to achive the highest washing efficiency use demineralized or soft water. Low-foaming product with neutral scent. It does not contain chlorine or phosphates. Do not use on aluminium and light metal alloys. Product can be use in combi steamers.

Directions for use: Recommended use: according to dishwasher work cycles use about 1-5ml of product for 1l of soft or demineralized water. With hardness water increasing use more concentrate. In case of hard water use acid liquid for rinsing and shining dishes.

Composition: Sodium hydroxide, sodium metasilicate, 5-15% hydrosoluble polycarboxylate, <5% phosphonates.

Packaging: 10 l Can

pH 13 ± 1

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