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Mediclean 340 Tube

Pipe cleaning granules

Applications: Granules for cleaning and unblocking waste traps in sinks and baths. Efficiently dissolves all kinds of grease, kitchen waste, hair, cotton wool, paper and other dirt.

Directions for use: In order to open the bottle, press the top and twist it according to the directions of the arrows. Pour 0.5 I of hot water into the waste trap of the bath, sink or into the toilet bowl. Slowly and carefully pour in ca. 20-30 g of the granules. After ca. 15-20 minutes rinse with a small amount of hot water. Do not use on aluminium fittings.

Caution: Non-conformance with these directions for use may sporadically lead to a severe reaction, therefore, special attention must be paid. The use of personal protective equipment is recommended.

Composition: Sodium hydroxide, extenders.

Packaging: 450 g Bottle

The product has been approved by the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH).

pH ca. 12

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