Professional Products

Mediclean 340 Tube

Product for unblocking clogged pipes and sewage drains

Applications: Active cleaning product in the granules form. Recommended for cleaning clogged pipes and drains. It automatically and exceptionally effectively dissolves solid (organic) pollutants, incl. grease, food residues, hair. It clears any blockages in pipes and drains, solves odour problems. It contains caustic soda and an aluminum activator. Product does not damage the sewage gaskets. It works in cold water. For professional use only.

Directions for use: Turn the cap (dispenser) while squeezing at the places marked on the sides. Pour in the full cap of granulate into the sewage hole and rinse with about 200 ml of water. Leave it for minimum 30 minutes and rinse plenty with water.
NOTE: Do not exceed the recommended amount of the product. Do not use for acrylic. To prevent unpleasant odours, use half of the normal amount of the product once a week.

Composition: Sodium hydroxide

Packaging: 600g Bottle

pH ca. 13


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