Professional Products

Viruton® Pre

Pre-disinfection and cleaning foam for surgical instruments

Safety data sheet

Directions for use: : Place instruments immediately after use in a tray and spray with the foam covering all elements. Take instruments out from the tray and rinse with water after determined time. Pre-disinfection process may take up to 48 hours. If visible residues stay on the surface, remove it with a brush and spray once again with the foam. Once rinsed with running water, instruments shall be disinfected either manually or automatically. Do not use on instruments made of copper, brass or zinc. The product is designed to be used by professional users.

Active ingredients:
Diamine, quaternary ammonium compounds

Packing unit:
1L spray bottle

Application references: Viruton® Pre is a ready-to-use foam for preliminary disinfection and cleaning of instruments before a proper disinfection process. The product contains corrosion inhibitors and has high material tolerance which makes it ideal for different kind of instruments made of stainless steels, galvanized steel, aluminium as well as of plastics and rubber. The product has also very good cleaning properties, including difficult to clean dried organic residues. Prevents them from drying during collection and transportation of instruments to a place of a proper disinfection. It has a pleasant scent. Product deactivates and degrades bacteria. Tested, approved and recommended by Famed – a leading European producer of top quality hospital equipment. Viruton® Pre has a broad biocidal spectrum and exceptional cleaning properties thanks to the innovative formula based on the synergy of surfactants and nano-micelle technology.

Effectiveness EN 14885 Dirty conditions
Bacteria (including MRSA) EN 13727 15 min.
EN 14561 15 min.
Fungi  (C. albicans) EN 13624 15 min.
EN 14562 15 min.
Mycobacteria (M. avium, M. terrae) EN 14348 15 min.
EN 14563 15 min.
Enveloped viruses (HBV, HIV, HCV, Vaccinia, BVDV, Herpes simplex, Influenza A, B, C, Ebola) EN 14476 15 min.
Virus Adeno EN 14476 15 min.
Virus Polio EN 14476 15 min.