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Viruton® Bohr

Ready-to-use formula for cleaning and disinfection of rotary instruments

Application: It has been created for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of precise rotating tools and other invasive tools medical instruments. Viruton® Bohr is recommended for the disinfection of: drill bits, steel bone cutters, hard metals, diamonds,
abrasive and polishing tools such as silicone rubber bands, ceramic plates and tools for root canal treatment.It has very good cleaning properties and removes even dried-on organic residues. It can be used by immersion in a bathtub and in ultrasonic cleaner.

Directions for use: Immerse the tools in undiluted preparation immediately after use. Carefully immerse all components. After the specified operating time, remove the tools from the bath or washcloth, rinse in water and dry immediately with a disposable napkin. In the event of visible contamination, remove them with a brush and immerse the disinfected product in the preparation again. After drying, sterilize clean instruments. Do not mix with other cleaning agents or disinfectants. The product is intended for use by a professional user.

Active ingredients:  0,15g N-(3-aminopropyl)-N-dodecylpropane-1,3-diamine, 0,14g Poly(oxy-1,2-ethanediyl), .alpha.-[2-(didecylmethylammonio)ethyl]- .omega.-hydroxy-, propanoate (salt).

Packaging: 1L Bottle with doser, 5L Can


Spectrum (Effectiveness) Standard according

EN 14885

Dirty conditions
Bacteria  EN 13727, EN 14561 15 min
Fungi (C. albicans) EN 13624, EN 14562 15 min
Mycobacteria (M. avium, M. terrae) EN 14348, EN 14563 15 min
Enveloped viruses  EN 14476 15 min
Adenovirus EN 14476 15 min
Poliovirus EN 14476 15 min
BVDV virus EN 14476 15 min
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