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Velox® Top AF Grapefruit

Ready-to-use formula for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces of medical equipment

Velox Top AF - surface disinfection MEDISEPT

Directions for use: Spray the surface from the distance of 30 cm covering the whole disinfected area. Spread the liquid using disposable towels and allow to dry. The surface does not need rinsing with water, dries out completely and does not leave smudges. Do not use on alcohol sensitive surfaces (i.e. acrylic glass). For professional use only.

Active ingredients: propan-2-ol, ethanol, amine, QAC

Packaging units: 1L spray bottle, 5L canister

Application: Alcohol based formulation designed for rapid disinfection of small surfaces of medical equipment, chairs, beds, or other difficult to access surfaces, as well as food related objects. It is also destined for usage in gastronomy, nursing houses, sanatoriums, gyms, fitness and SPA centres, hairdressing, massage and beauty salons, tattoos parlours, kindergartens and schools. The product is suitable for surfaces having contact with food. Also recommended for disinfection of dental tips before sterilization and of prosthesis and silicone impressions. The product has a bactericidal, yeasticidal, mycobactericidal and limited virucidal activity. Free from aldehyde and phenol, does not discolour disinfected surfaces.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Effectiveness EN 14885 Conditions
clean dirty
Bacteria (including MRSA) EN 1276 30 s 1 min.
EN 13697 30 s 1 min.
EN 13727 30 s
Fungi (C. albicans) EN 1650 30 s 1 min.
EN 13624 30 s
Mycobacteria (M.terrae) EN 14348 30 s 1 min.
Enveloped viruses (HIV, HBV, HCV, Influenza, Ebola, Vaccinia, BVDV, SARS-CoV-2) DVV/RKI 30 s 30 s
Rota virus EN 14476 30 s
Adeno virus EN 14476 1 min
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