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Velodes Soft

Liquid for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection

Directions for use: Hygienic hand disinfection (according to EN 1500): Rub 2 x 1.5 ml of the product for 30 seconds (2 x 15 sec.). Surgical hand disinfection (according to EN 12791): Rub 2 x 1.5 ml of the product for 3 minutes (2 x 90 sec). Keep hands equally moist by adding more liquid. The product has a prolonged surgical disinfection effect up to 3 hours. For professional use only.

Active ingredients:
Propan-2-ol, chlorhexidine gluconate

Packing unit:
250 ml spray bottle, 500 ml bottle, 1L bottle, 1L refill, 5L canister

Application: Velodes® Soft is a ready to use, alcohol based product designed for hygienic and surgical disinfection of hands. It has a wide and confirmed disinfection properties against Bacteria, Mycobacteria, Fungi and some viruses. It has prolonged bactericidal effect. It deactivates enveloped viruses such as HIV, HBV, HCV, SARS-CoV-2 and Rota virus. The preparation shows prolonged effect of surgical disinfection for 3 hours. Dermatologically tested.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Effectiveness EN 14885 Conditions
Clean  Dirty
Bacteria  EN 13727 30 s 60 s
Fungi (C. albicans) EN 1275 30 s
EN 13624 30 s
Mycobacteria tuberculosis (M. terrae) EN 14348 30 s
Enveloped viruses  EN 14476 30 s
Rota virus EN 14476 45 s
BVDV virus EN 14476 30s
Hygienic hand disinfection EN 1500 2 x 1.5 ml in 2 x 15 sec.
Surgical hand disinfection EN 12791 2 x 1.5 ml in 90 sec. + Prolonged effectiveness of surgical disinfection up to 3 hours
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