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Mediclean 160 Gres

Concetrate for cleaning gres, natural and artificial stone, ceramic tiles and another acid resistant surfaces

Applications: Concentrate for deep cleaning of stone, ceramic and another acid resistant surfaces. Perfect product for hand and machine washing. It does not leave streaks. Product is recommended for removing mineral stains like limescale, rust, cement and soil. It can be used for cleaning fugues and whitening stainless steel and aluminium too. Product neutralizes alkaline soiling and effectively removes limescale and soil stains from hard floors and industry surfaces. For proffesional use only.

Directions for use:

Depending on soiling degree prepare dilution:
DEEP CLEANING AND REMOVING SOIL STAINS: 500 to 1000 ml of product per 10 l of water. Apply solution with washing machine or mop, leave for 3 to 10 minutes. Remove dissolved soiling with scrubber machine, water vacuum or mop. rinse surface with water. If needed use not diluted product.
DAILY OR PERIODICALLY CLEANING: 100 to 200 ml of product per 10 l of water.
WARNING: Polished marble and terazzo tiles should be cleaned using product with neutral pH regularly.

Composition: Nitric acid, Alcohol ethoxylated (C9-C11), <5% non-ionic surfactants.

Packaging: 1L Bottle, 5L Can

pH 1 ± 0,5

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