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Mediclean 130 Strong

High alkaline concentrate for deep cleaning floors

Applications: Concentrate for deep cleaning floors with washing machine. It can be used for daily cleaning of hard-to-remove soiling with mop. It effectively removes dried smudge or soot in shopping malls and industries. It is recommended for every types of alkaline-resistant floors. For professional use only.

Directions for use:

DEEP CLEANING: Prepare dilution 500 to 1000 ml of product per 10 l of cold water. Apply on surface and left for 5 to 15 minutes, polishing next and remove dissolved soling.
DAILY CLEANING: Prepare dilution 100 to 500 ml of product per 10 l of water.

Composition: Surface-active compounds, water soluble solvents, phosphates, complexing compounds, alkali, fragrance, dye. Contains potassium hydroxide.

Packaging: 1L Bottle, 5L Canister

pH 13,5 ± 0,5

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