Professional Products

Mediclean 121 Striper

Concentrate for removing old polymer and wax layers on alkaline-resistant surfaces (lastriko, PCV, gres, terra cotta, linoleum, gumolite)

Applications: Powerful, odourless liquid for removing old old polymer and wax layers on alkaline-resistant surfaces. It is recommended for used before applying new protection layers. It can be used to thorough cleaning of gres and another hard floors. Low-foaming product. It is suitable for hand and machine washing. Only for professional use.

Directions for use: Depending on protection layer thickness and used acrylic prepare dilution: 0,5l to 2,5 l of product per 10 l of water. Apply solution on surface , wait 5 to 15 minutes, polish it and rinse with water.

Composition: 2-aminoethanol, sodium hydroxide, <5% amphoteric surfactants, <5% EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) and its salts.

Packaging: 5L Canister

pH 13 ± 0,5

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