Professional Products

Mediclean 121 Striper

Highly alkaline product for removing protective coats and thorough clearing

Applications: Potent, unscented product for removing old wax and polymer coats from surfaces resistant to alkali, terrazzo, PVC, stoneware, and terracotta. Intended for use before applying new protective coats. Recommended for thorough cleaning of stoneware tiles and other hard floors. Low foam product. Perfect for both manual and automated cleaning. For professional use only.

Directions for use: Depending on the thickness of the protective coat and hardness of the acrylic used, dilute in proportion from 1:4 to 1:20. Apply the diluted solution onto the surface, leave for 5-15 minutes, scrub and then neutralise the surface    by cleaning it with water.

Composition: Surface-active compounds, conditioning substances, water soluble solvents, sodium hydroxide, sodium metasilicate, complexing compounds.

Packaging: 1 I Bottle, 5 I Canister

pH 14

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