Professional Products

Mediclean 201 Indust

Alcaline concentrate for cleaning surfaces in halls, workshops and industries

Application: Product for cleaning floors and another surfaces in halls, workshops and industries. It is recommended for cleaning machines, car engines, tarpaulins and workwear. Selected ingridients emulsify and remove: grease (including greasen grafit), oils, soots and dried smudges from all waterproof surfaces. For professional use only.

Directions for use: Depending on the type and degree of dirt, use dilution: 200-300 ml per 10 L of water.
AUTOMATIC CLEANING MACHINES: 100-400 ml per 10 L of water.
HIGH-PRESSURE WASHER: 50-200 ml per 10 L of water.

Composition: Sodium hydroxide, Alcohol ethoxylated (C9-C11), Sodium etasulfate, Tetrasodium EDTA, <5% non-ionic surfactants, <5% phosphates, <5% anionic surfactants.

Packaging: 1L Bottle, 5L Can

pH 13 ± 1

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