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Mediclean 560 Dezi Clean

Product for surface disinfection and clearing

Applications: Concentrate to clean and disinfect surfaces, equipment and kitchen devices which have contact with food. Efficiently removes grease and irremovable dirt. It has bactericidal, tuberculocidal, yeasticidal and limited virucidal properties. It can be used on all floor and above the floow surfaces (walls, doors, tops, cupboards, tables, etc.). Due to high material tolerance, the product does not damage the surfaces. Aldehyde-free and Phenol-free, which does not cause allergic reactions and discolor of the surface. Rinsing not necessary.

Directions for use: Prepare the working solution by diluting the concentrate with water in correct proportion. Choice of concentration depends on the desired spectrum and duration. In order to obtain 1% concentration dilute 10 ml of the concentrate in 990 ml of water. Surface after disinfection does not need rinsing with water. Do not combine with other cleansers or disinfectants.

Active substance in 100 g of the product: 3.76 g N-(3-aminopropyl)-N-dodecylopropane-1,3-diamine 3.39 g Poli(oxy-1,2-ethanediol),.alpha.-[2-(didecylmethyloamine)ethyl],propanoate (salt).

Packaging: 1 l Bottle, 5 l Canister

Spectrum EN 14885 15 min. 30 min.
Bacteria (including MRSA) EN 13727 0,5%*, 1%
EN 14561 1% 0,5%
EN 13697 1%*
Fungi  (C. albicans) EN 13624 0,5%
EN 14562 1% 0,5%
EN 13697 1%*
Mycobacteria (M. avium, M. terrae) EN 14348 4% 1%
EN 14563 4% 1%
Enveloped viruses (HBV, HIV, HCV, Vaccinia, BVDV, Ebola) EN 14476 0,5%
Virus Adeno EN 14476 1%
Virus Polio EN 14476 4%

* clean conditions

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