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Mediclean 330 Chlorine

Preparation for cleaning and whitening: toilet bowls, urinals, bathtubs, washbasins, shower trays, sinks, drains, trashcans and waste containers

Applications: A chlorine formula intended for washing and whitening all sanitary surfaces. It neutralizes unpleasant odours and removes discoloration caused by the fungi presence. Active chlorine dissolves stubborn smudges and ensures a high level of hygiene. Product effectively cleans fugues and acid-sensitive surfaces. For professional use only.

Directions for use:

SANITATIONS: Apply the product on the surface, rinse with water after 15 minutes. Use a cleaning brush if necessary.
WASTE CONTAINER, TRASHCANS, LARGE SANITARY AREAS: Prepare dilution: 100 ml of product per 10 l of cold water. Test before use.
WARNING! Do not use with other preparations. It can release dangerous gases (chlorine).

Composition: Sodium hypochlorite, Amines, C12-14 -alkyldimethy, Alcohols, C12-C14, ethoxylated, sulphate, sodium salt, <5% sodium hydroxide, Chlorine-based bleaching compounds, < 5% amphoteric surfactants, < 5% anionic surfactants, fragrance composition (HEXYL CINNAMAL, BENZYL SALICYLATE).

Packaging: 0,75L Bottle, 5L Can

pH 13

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