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Mediclean 310 Sanit Cherry

Product for cleaning sanitary surfaces

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Applications: Product for cleaning all sanitary surfaces and facilities resistant to acids. Efficiently removes limescale, rust, soap marks and greasy dirt. Recommended for washbasins, toilet bowls, urinals, shower enclosures and bathroom fixtures, as well as stainless steel and aluminium fittings. Ensures perfect cleanliness leaving a pleasant fragrance. The product does not damage surfaces. It has an antibacterial effect. It may be used in food industry facilities. For professional use only. Directions for use: Daily cleaning: Depending on the type of dirt, dilute: 25 – 200 ml per 10 I of cold water. Thorough cleaning: apply the undiluted agent onto the surface, wait 5-10 minutes and rinse.

Composition: Surface-active compounds, acids, water soluble solvents, fragrance, dye.

Packaging: 1 I Bottle, 5 I Canister

The product has been approved by the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH).

pH 0.5 -1