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Mediclean 310 Sanit Cherry

Product for daily washing of all sanitary surfaces

Applications: Concentrate for cleaning sanitations such as: toilet bowl, urinals, bidets, washbasins and bathroom fittings. product recommended for cleaning all types of acid-resistant surfaces. Effectively removes limescale, rust, soap residues and greasy smudges. Recommended for washing washbasins, toilet bowls, urinals, shower cabins and bathroom fittings, as well as stainless steel and aluminum elements. Product guarantees excellent cleanliness and leaves a pleasant scent. It does not damage the cleaned surfaces. It has an antibacterial effect. It can be used in food industry plants. The products is PZH certified. For professional use only.

Directions for use:

DAILY CLEANING: depending on the degree of soiling prepare dilution: 25 to 200 ml of product per 10 liters of cold water.
DEEP CLEANING: Apply undiluted product on surface, wait 5-10 minutes and rinse.

Composition: Phosphoric acid, Sulphamidic acid, <5% non-ionic surfactants, fragrance composition (BENZYL ALCOHOL).

Packaging: 1L Bottle, 5L Can

pH 1±0,5

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