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Mediclean 250 Glue

Product for removing sticker and adhesive tape residue

Applications: Ready to use product for removing localised residue left by stickers, adhesive tape and glue. Recommended for all surfaces. Before use, check the reaction of the surface to the product (may cause discolouration).

Directions for use: Apply directly on the residue. Wait an appropriate amount of time, as the longer the contact, the more efficient the product is. To remove a sticker, use a brush and a cloth.

Composition: Monoethanolamine (CAS: 141-43-5). In accordance with Regulation 648/2004, 15-30% of non-ionic surface-active agents. Surface-active agents meet the requirements of biodegradation in accordance with Regulation 648/2004.

Packaging: 0.5 l spray bottle, 5 l Canister

pH ca. 11

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