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Mediclean 112 Shine

Emulsion for glossing and maintance floors made from PCV, lastrico, linoleum, terra cotta, gres, varnished wood, marble etc.

Applications: Product for maintance floors made from PCV, stone, marble and panels. It has anti-skidding properties. Product is perfect for stairs maintance. Product guarantees renewable shine after polishing. It has antistatic properties. There is no stripper required to remove old layers.

Directions for use:

EMULSION APPLICATION: Prepare dilution with water in ratio from 1:1 to 1:3. Apply on washed surface. For stronger shinig effect use undiluted product.
WARNING: Turn off heat sources like: radiators, underfloor heating before emulsion applying.
TO PROTECTION: Prepare dilution of 100 to 150 ml per 10 l of water for smooth surfaces. In case of porous surfaces use 150 to 200 ml of product per 10 l water.


Packaging: 1L Bottle, 5L Can

pH 7,5 ± 1

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