New visual identification of MEDISEPT

After nearly 25 years of an active development of the Company and its professional products, Management Board of Medi-sept Sp. z o.o., has made a strategic decision to expand the business activity area to the market of the products for individual consumers. One of the key elements of this activity is to build the Medisept brand awareness.

To achieve this goal, a new, legible, visual identification of the brand was designed. First of all, the new Medisept logo was created. Starting points for the project were basic values of the brand: protection, as a mission of Medisept, strength, as the ability to implement this mission, effectiveness– the ability to act according to the brand values and respect for human needs. The embodiment of these value is Medis – the symbol of a guardian woman.

The values symbolized by Medis will find their application both in the world of professional hygiene and hygiene in the consumer area. They are based on the same necessities, arising from the need of  safety and maintaining human health. This is consistent with the Company’s mission:

“MEDISEPT’s mission is to effectively protect people by providing modern and comprehensive solutions in the field of hygiene and disinfection.”

Medis became a leading element of the Company’s new logo and since September 2017 she has been signing Medisept consumer products and is appearing in the official communication of the Company.

What distinguishes the Medisept brand is its high competence in the field of professional, effective and safe disinfection. The motto “True disinfection” supports building the Medisept brand as a manufacturer that meets the highest quality standards confirmed by certificates – supported by the experience required in the extremely demanding area of maintaining sterility in medical activities.

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