MEDISEPT effective against Coronavirus

Ladies and gentlemen,

In the last few days, reports of the spread of coronavirus have been taking us all to the attention. We are aware of the seriousness of the situation, therefore we have prepared a short information material for you and your clients.

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV is an enveloped virus of the Coronaviridae family. Due to its lipid sheath, it is easy to inactivate by lipid solvents, which have proven to be fierce against enveloped viruses. All MEDISEPT brand disinfection products (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, based on chlorides and amines) are effective against coronavirus as they are tested, among others, by according to EN 14476 or DVV/RKI for enveloped viruses. The first strains of human coronavirus were identified in the 1960s. so the virus itself is not new. At a frequency that’s around 3 years, airway infections outbreaks occur, mostly in late autumn, winter and early spring. There are currently 7 types of coronaviruses that cause infection in humans. And now there’s a new eighth human coronavirus identified in December in Wuhan (2019-nCoV).

At this point it should be stressed that there is still a season of increased influenza incidence. In the period from 1 to 22 January 2020 alone 127,696 cases and suspicions of influenza were registered in Poland, 2 deaths were reported. The scale of this phenomenon causes losses also for employers.

In both cases of infection: those caused by the coronavirus as well as the influenza virus, it is very important to prevent the transmission of microorganisms between humans. In accordance with GIS and WHO recommendations, large clusters of people should be avoided, remember to wash your hands frequently and to properly disinfect hands and surfaces in contact with excretions, e. g. by sneezing, coughing or touching. A responsible attitude and compliance with hygiene rules will help to protect against these dangerous infections.

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