Discover our guide for restaurant employees and customers on sanitary requirements and be safe!


The aim of the action is to promote appropriate attitudes and to inform about important hygienic rules, the application of which allows to improve the quality of services and maximizes the safety of customers and staff.

The action is addressed to restaurants, pubs, fast-foods, food-trucks, hotels and other places where food is served.

What to pay attention to

Check what customers pay attention to during the visit to the restaurant.

Washing and disinfecting hands

Wash and disinfect hands before and after customer service. In a safe restaurant, customers should also be required to disinfect their hands at the entrance to the premises.

Disinfection of common surfaces

Disinfection is the main and most often overlooked duty of restaurant employees. The premises must be cleaned regularly and common surfaces such as countertops, chairs, handles, menu card must be regularly disinfected.

Hygiene procedures

Every restaurant should have clear and comprehensible hygiene procedures followed by its staff.

The staff puts the food on

The customers cannot touch and put on the food on their own in places that allow them to compose the food themselves (e. g. breakfast buffet etc.).

Use of protection measures

Depending on the type of service, restaurant staff (and especially the service staff) use jdisposable gloves, face protection and an apron.

Keep a distance

Tables and chairs should be spaced out so as to keep an adequate distance between clients from different tables. The tablecloths should be replaced by a surface that can be easily disinfected.

Products recommended for restaurants

For small surfaces we use Velox

For large surfaces we use Quatrodes

For hand disinfection we use Velodes

To keep the kitchen clean we use Mediclean with yellow label

Product catalog

UNIQUE BENEFITS of True Disinfection

Velodes Soft
Velodes® Soft
Liquid for hygienic and surgical hand disinfection
  • Hygienic disinfection in 30 secs
  • Surgical disinfection in 90 secs
  • Prolonged bactericidal effect up to 3h
  • Effective against bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria, viruses
  • Contains glycerine - moisturizes and cares for hands
Velox TOP AF
Velox® TOP AF
Spray for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces
  • Optimal alcohol concentration of 60% (ethanol and propanol combined)
    - guarantees even more effective disinfection and fast action time
  • Test-confirmed effectiveness against bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria and viruses
    (including Adeno, Rota and SARS-CoV-2) in just 30 seconds
  • Ideally removes dirt from the surface
    (thanks to QAV and amines additives)

Why do I choose MEDISEPT

Full marketing authorisation by URPL Office for Registration until 2024
Dermatological tests, ingredients safe for the skin in long contact and a pleasant fragrance
Production quality control according to ISO standard
Material tolerance confirmed by utility tests
Production of medical standard biocidal products and cleaning products
Full microbiological efficacy tests (viruses, bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria) performed in accredited laboratories
Experience in creating safe formulations
Experience in developing procedures, hygiene plans for all industries
Full range of disinfectant products: for hands, surfaces and tools in various forms of use
Many years of experience in working with hospitals and infectious wards - knowledge of medical procedures

In accordance with the WHO recommendations

Cleaning is an essential first step in any disinfection process.

Cleaning removes and reduces dirt

Organic matter can impede direct contact of a disinfectant to a surface and inactivate the germicidal properties or mode of action of several disinfectants.


A chemical disinfectant should be applied after cleaning to kill any remaining microorganisms.

Source: Cleaning and disinfection of environmental surfaces in the context COVID-19 / 15 May 2020 / WHO

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