Do I have to take care of my hygiene?

Bacteria and germs are all around us and unfortunately they cannot be completely avoided. But you can and must protect yourself from them. Especially before the bad ones. Hygiene is an individual matter for each person, as long as it does not affect third parties. Cosmetics, tattooists, cooks, not to mention doctors – must pay special attention to sterile working conditions.

In such places, the risk of infection or transmission of a more or less serious disease is extremely high. And especially dangerous are the circumstances when there is contact with blood. In Poland, the State Sanitary Inspectorate inspects the cleanliness of both private and public offices, catering facilities, sports facilities and others. In any case, it is necessary to meet slightly different requirements, which are often very strict. It is not easy to go through the Sanitary Inspectorate, especially when opening a completely new business. While this may seem quite burdensome, what matters here is the well-being and safety of future customers, patients and users. Undoubtedly, none of us would want to risk our health or life.

The foundation is of course frequent washing of hands and taking care of the hygiene of the whole body. But under no circumstances should you disregard the immediate surroundings and equipment and instruments. Everyone has millions of bacteria in their body and on their skin. Of course some of them are charitable, but the rest are not necessarily. These microorganisms like to move, which is conducive to the transmission of diseases, and no object that many people use can afford to do so. Hygiene, disinfection, sterilization. . . All these activities play a very important role in maintaining cleanliness.

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