Disinfection of cosmetic instruments

Maintaining hygiene at the highest level is of great importance in every treatment room. After all, it’s about the safety of patients, customers and staff. In addition to hand disinfection, the disinfection of instruments and flat surfaces themselves is very important.

Special preparations are used for this purpose, e. g. Viruton line agents – for tools and Quatrodes – for surfaces. Most often these are concentrates from which a solution of the correct concentration is prepared and poured into a special disinfection bath. The tubs are usually equipped with a removable sieve that makes it easy to place and remove tools from the solution. None of the disinfected instruments must protrude above the surface of the liquid, and if an instrument consists of many parts and there are no contraindications for disassembly, it should be dismantled. When all accessories are in the disinfection bath, they should be covered with a special cover and left in solution for a certain period of time. The disinfection process should not take more or less than the manufacturer’s specifications. This information can be found on the packaging of each agent. Then remove the tools and rinse them thoroughly with water. If necessary, clean with a brush and rinse again. The tools should then be dried on the lignin. The accessories prepared in such a way can be packed and sterilized, and the used tub can be emptied, disinfected and also dried.

All surfaces that are in the office should be disinfected. Particularly noteworthy are the walls near the washbasin, all surfaces in the immediate vicinity of treatment areas including armchairs or tables and the whole floor. Disinfection is performed before and after each cosmetic procedure.

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