Cleanliness in the dentist’s office

In all medical and dental practices it is essential to ensure microbiological purity. In such places the risk of acquiring various infections is particularly high. Especially if the doctor interferes with the patient’s body and tissue damage can occur. Often both are not at all aware of the carrier of the disease.

The dentist uses small but often very sharp instruments on a daily basis. Treatment instruments and reusable equipment used in medical practices that come into contact with soft tissues, bone tissue, body cavities, mucous membranes and damaged skin and wounds must be disinfected and washed and then sterilised before re-use. Additional non-invasive dental equipment, which during the procedures does not affect the continuity of tissues before the next use must also be washed and disinfected (according to the procedure for invasive instruments), but without sterilization.

Although medical progress is really enormous, not all diseases can be cured yet. Therefore, it is better to prevent by taking care of the highest level of patient service using proven disinfectants. This also protects your own health and life.

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