Discover the new face of MEDISEPT disinfection

With new packaging, along with a changed visual identity, Medisept has introduced new label designs for our professional-line products. Modifications to packaging design and its uniformity with the new brand identification will allow us to better respond to Medisept customers’ needs. They also aim to make the company’s image stronger as an expert in disinfection and cleaning. The first stage of the changes embraces products for disinfection.

How to read the labels

All Medisept product labels contain four sections of pictograms which are always placed in the same order. Concentrates have an additional field, with dosing instructions. Each section is designed to visually convey the most-important information about the product.

  1. Section1.  Product-form Pictograms, describing the product form. It can be spray, foam, powder, liquid, emulsion, concentrate, or tissues.
  2. Section 2. Distinguishing-feature Pictograms, indicating the use of the product – disinfection, rapid disinfection, washing, or care.
  3. Section 3. Intended-use Pictograms, indicating the type of surface for which the product is intended.
  4. Section 4.  Odour Pictograms and description of the background of the colour corresponding to the fragrance of the product.
  5. Section 5. Dosage. For concentrates, this section provides dosage instructions for individual concentrations and duration of operation.

The main features of the packaging

  • Integrated dispenser for the easy dosing of a concentrate.
  • High-quality white plastic.
  • The background colour of the label corresponding to the application.
  • Sections for product-form Pictograms, target areas  and additional information.
  • Product name.
  • Brief description of the product.
  • Dosage instructions.
  • Product-category code.
  • Colour-coding of products.
  • Intended use category: Care / Washing

The new logo

The MEDISEPT brand logo consists of two basic elements – a signet and the brand name. Each element in the logo emphasises the key values of the MEDISEPT brand – protection, strength, effectiveness and respect.

Did you know that… The first part of our product names comes from Latin, and stands for a specific purpose. Velox is the Latin word meaning “fast”, and Velodes is also derived from this. These products are ready to use and work really fast. Quatrodes is derived from the Italian word quattro, or four, which means that the main ingredient of these products are quaternary ammonium salts. Viruton is derived from the Latin word virus, and defines a group of products for disinfecting tools with a wide spectrum of virucidal effects.

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