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Viruton® Bohr

Ready-to-use formula for cleaning and disinfection of rotary instruments

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Directions for use: : Immerse instruments immediately after use in undiluted preparation. Carefully overflow all items. After a certain time remove instruments from baths or washers, rinse with water and immediately dry with a disposable cloth. In case of visible residues remove them with a brush and disinfect again in formula. Do not mix with other detergents or disinfectants.

Active ingredients:
Diamine, quaternary ammonium compounds

Packing unit:
1L bottle with doser, 5L canister

Application references: Viruton® Bohr is a ready-to-use formula intended for simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of precision rotary instruments and other medical instruments. It is recommended for disinfection of drills, bone cutters made of steel, hard metals, diamonds, abrasives and polishing tools such as silicone rubber, ceramic tiles and tools for root canal treatment. Corrosion inhibitors protect instruments made of aluminium and stainless steel alloys. It has very good cleaning properties, also in case of dried organic residues. Manual disinfection by immersion or in ultrasonic baths.

SEffectiveness EN 14885 Dirty conditions
Bacteria (including MRSA) EN 13727, EN 14561 15 min.
Fungi (C. albicans) EN 13624, EN 14562 15 min.
Mycobacteria (M. avium, M. terrae) EN 14348, EN 14563 15 min.
Enveloped viruses (HBV, HCV, HDV, HIV, Vaccinia, BVDV) EN 14476 15 min.
Virus Adeno EN 14476 15 min.
Virus Polio EN 14476 15 min.